Product Introduction

1, we can customize the zipper Self sealing bag of different specifications according to the customer's requirements
2, new material, odorless, soft hand, open zipper opening and closing, easy to operate, fast
3, is the first choice of food packaging bags, moisture-proof, fresh-keeping, and can also be used as a food seal bag
4. The zipper Self sealing bag can not only customize different colors, but also print the specified pattern
5, using the latest environmental protection water printing ink technology, not containing toluene and other harmful substances, to minimize the pollution of the environment, and the adverse effects on the human body
6. The company has passed the authentication of the ISO9001 quality management system and the ISO14001 environment management system
7, small quantity, meet all kinds of wholesalers, buyers demand customization
8. The standard carton is packed to protect the products from extruding and easy to transport.