Plastic bags are widely used in the characteristics of light quality, convenient processing, beautiful products and economical application. But plastic is not easy to degrade, discarding freely, invading people's living environment and endangering human health. It is of great significance to protect the environment and save energy for the white pollution and the recycling of waste plastics.
It is divided into four levels according to the value of recovery:
First grade recovery material: after the general processing method can produce the waste plastic which is similar to the original new material.
Two grade recycling material: waste plastics produced by modified or a variety of processes.
Three grade recycled materials can only get fuel or chemical products by thermal cracking.
Four grade recycling material: waste plastic that can only get heat energy.
With the rise of oil prices, the price of plastic raw materials is also rising, the recycling of waste plastics has certain economic value, while protecting our living environment.