Plastic bags on the pattern of information can help store a liquidity effect of publicity, so this is how the printing printed on the plastic packing bag factory was under?
Plastic packaging bags are various and irregular. Therefore, designers and producers often neglect the way of bag making. The result is that although the design draft is exquisite, the finished product packaging is not satisfactory or even a waste product. Heng Xiang packaging believes that only when we know the types of commonly used products, can we give full play to the design ideas, eliminate the design works that do not conform to the bag making process, and design a practical and perfect plastic packaging bag.
According to the way of making bags, plastic bags can be divided into 4 types: three side seal, medium bottom seal, three-dimensional seal and sheet material.
The three side seal is wrapped around the packaging bags. The size of both sides is finished size. It has a sense of entirety. The design is not restricted, and the design is consistent. As the size of the front and back is consistent, the front can be designed first, so that the back and the front face should be echoed. Seihan, the back should be arranged in the same version of roller.
In the end is in the back seal, positive size is the size of the finished, back into two equal parts, and its width and equal to the width of the front, usually in the design is on the front and the back, integrated design, and around each 25px edge, front and back in the same version of roller.
Solid seal in the bottom seal based on, on both sides with stereo edge, is back, side 3 side are the same in the same version of roller.
Sheet due to printing material limit, the positive and negative must be designed separately, separate plate, can appear in the same version of roller.
The above is the process of printing on the plastic bag. To customize a plastic package, not only is the quality of the package, but also the patterns and characters printed on it are diverse, diverse and creative.