One, Changzhou super music plastic bags make plastic products softening and softening additives:
1., plasticizing penalty: adding plasticizing penalty can weaken the attraction between polymer molecules, soften the products, improve the fluidity of resin during heating, and make the resin easy to process and shape.
2. blowing agent: it refers to a chemical foaming agent that can be separated and released from gas when heated, such as nitrogen and carbon dioxide, so that the plastic form a microporous structure. Its products are called foam plastics, and the weight is very light. They are usually used for shockproof packaging, sound insulation and thermal insulation materials.
Two, Shenyang plastic bags to improve the surface diameter of plastic additives: antistatic agents, antifogging agents and other additives. Lubricant and smoothing agent also has the effect of improving the surface properties of products.
1., antistatic agent: it will be used for the processing of plastics and synthetic fibers, it can decrease the resistivity of polymer materials, nearly static friction due to avoidable evils caused by, such as electric shock of a human body, the spark discharge caused by fire, dust suction head etc.. Plastic area and floor tiles and other bricks with electrostatic adsorption dust, only to add antistatic agents to solve this problem.
Three, make the plastic produce all kinds of color additive, called coloring agent. The commonly used colorants have two kinds of pigment and dyestuff. The plastic color port is to make it beautiful, rich people's life, some plastic insulating layer such as electric wire threading with a variety of colors, from the identification of the color line system, in addition, can also add colorant UV resistance ability question plastic, helps prevent plastic ageing. A.
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